3 Reasons Not To Sell Your Home Right Now

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Selling your house is an important and significant decision.Selling the property that you invested your time, money, and effort into will require a bit of an investment. Many people don’t consider selling property without good reasons, but how do you know when it’s time to sell your home? Expert real estate agents provide a few reasons why now might not be the best time to sell:

1) The Current Pandemic

Due to the pandemic, many people have now transitioned to a work from home model. Although many companies are now returning back to in-office work, some people may continue to work from home. This means that selling your home and moving may affect professional productivity. Many buyers may not have the time to relocate and set up a new home and this may adversely affect their work. There’s also the inconvenience of holding open houses to allow prospective buyers the opportunity to see the property. If the current pandemic has taught us anything, it would be that the risk of viral transmission is fairly high. Regardless of your vaccination status, there remains a concern about the spread of the disease. Although you may emphasize hygiene and cleanliness, holding open homes would increase the possibility of it spreading into your living situation.

2) Increased Mortgage Rate

Rise in Mortgage Rates
As a result of changing real estate pricing, people have seen a general rise in mortgage rates. It’s slowly rising to a level that may cause potential buyers to reconsider purchasing a new home. With increased rates, homebuyers may not be able to qualify for the mortgages they were expecting, and this will make them reassess their buying potential. Often, when interest rates are very high, potential buyers will defer their purchases and this can result in more supply than demand for housing. Selling in this type of situation would lead to potential losses.

3)Local Competition

Many people have had to make important financial changes to their lives due to the pandemic. In the last few years, many businesses have gone out of business, which has led to increased unem-ployment rates and buyers having financial difficulties. There are many people who may have had to sell their homes as a result of this. This can cause more home listings to be available which in-creases the competition for sellers. With fewer buyers and more sellers, you’ll be faced with more negotiations and a lower property value.

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