5 instagrammable 2022 spring/summer home interior design ideas

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Spring and summer are all about opening up to a new and vibrant season of the year. This can also mean finding design inspiration for your newly bought house or redecorating your current home. Either way, there are so many different instagrammable design ideas that you can be inspired by. Here are some instagrammable 2022 spring and summer home interior design ideas.

Open-plan space

Spring and summer are all about opening up to a new round of seasons. This also means opening your home to friends and family to welcome new, warmer seasons. Open spaces allow for a more fluid movement around your home, and this allows us to entertain guests from wherever.

Some homes, however, were not initially built as open-plan spaces, so achieving this design can be difficult, but definitely not impossible. This can be done by using lighter curtains, placing mirrors, or re-arranging furniture to ensure a more fluid movement around the house. Colors can also help open spaces up.

Shades of color

Usually, green is a great color for spring and summer, however, any pop of color in different shades will brighten any room into an Instagram-worthy background. Using different shades of 1 or more colors can create depth and dimension in the room as opposed to using a single shade. Since we’re referring to spring and summer, some ideas of colors include the usual green, but you can also include yellow, orange, pink, and blue.


The biophilic design feels similar to open-plan spaces, but it places much more emphasis on bringing the natural outdoors and maximizing natural lighting in the home. This could mean introducing more indoor plants or nature-inspired colors. This is definitely the epitome of spring- or summer-inspired interior design, and would most definitely be instagrammable for your friends and family that come over, or if you’re simply taking a selfie.


Sustainability will never go out of trend. A great way to welcome spring and summer is to repurpose furniture and decor. While it can be tempting to buy new decor and furniture, it is first important to look into your storage to see what you can repurpose. Often, we already have great combinations of decor we can reuse. If you don’t have certain decor items and furniture in your storage, buying second-hand items can not only be environmentally friendly, but it can also be cheaper than buying new items.

Doing this not only helps save our planet but also brings a homely vintage charm to your home that would definitely be an instagrammable shot.

Pattern mishmash

If you’re someone with a more vibrant and quirky personality, this is for you. Mixing and matching different patterns can seem messy and counterintuitive to designing a spring- and summer-inspired home, but with the right idea, you can definitely pull this off. Spring and summer are all about fun colors and positive vibes. This design idea is custom to each individual’s style and preferences and so can achieve such a unique and beautiful look. Another Instagram-worthy design that you, your friends, and even your family can’t get enough of.

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