Must Read Home Maintenance Tips for Winter

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It’s finally time to welcome the winter season back as the weather changes. Depending on the type of residence you live in, you may see a drastic change in temperature with the cooler evenings and nights. After a hot, humid summer, you’ll need to start preparing to handle the cold. A good way to prepare yourself for the chilly months ahead is to add home maintenance to your winter checklist. Making these types of changes may take a bit of time, but they’re necessary to avoid costly repairs and expenses. If you’re wondering what types of changes you’ll need to make to protect your property from the cold weather, then you’ve come to the right place! Read the top maintenance tips below to stay warm and comfortable inside your home without any complications this winter.

Check Gutters And Drainage

In many areas, the winter season can see an increase in precipitation and rainfall. You’ll need to get your home or property ready before the rainy season sets in. Always make sure to clean your gutters to ensure the free flow of water to protect your roof from damage. While cleaning your gutters may not sound like the most fun task, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Well maintained gutters can help you reduce the need to replace damaged ones!

Test The Sump Pump

If you live in an area that sees heavy precipitation, a sump pump can tackle things like condensation build up, water from drainage, and preventing flooding from destroying your home. It’ll act as a line of defence for your property. You’ll need to test this pump before the winter season to ensure that it works properly. Clear away any dirt or debris clogging the exit pipe and make sure the pump directs water flow away from the foundation of your home.

Cover Your Bare Floor

Have you ever used laminate sheets, tiles, or wood to cover a bare floor? These types of flooring can drastically lose heat in the winter. As part of your winter maintenance, you’ll need to consider installing carpet or adding area rugs over parts of your floor. These covers prevent heat loss and will keep your feet nice and warm.

Check For Leaks And Drafts

Properly heating the rooms of your house becomes impossible when there are area leaks and cold air drafts coming in through cracks in your windows, doors, and walls. Without covering these problem areas it can become costly and difficult to maintain good heating in the room.

Cut Low-Hanging Branches

If you have lots of trees surrounding your home, you may want to be wary of heavy snowfall, as the weight of snow can cause the limbs of trees to break resulting in heavy damage and things like power line or roof destruction. Remove dead or low hanging limbs that may potentially cause serious damage in the future winter months.

Winter months can bring weather such as sleet, freezing rain, blizzards, and unprecedented precipitation. You’ll want to prepare ahead for these conditions to avoid any trouble occurring during the cooler months. It’s always a good idea to keep extra batteries on hand for flashlights, lanterns, or other electronics. In addition, a backup generator is a handy device to have on your property. These types of items will help you during a power outage. A few other things you can do to prepare for winter maintenance are taking time to complete preventative maintenance to protect yourself and your family from harsh winter conditions. These measures can also safeguard your house and property and keep the wet, cold weather outside.

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