Things To Note When Viewing A Property

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Some people may take a few days while others take a few months to search for a property that will become their future home. Some will make good decisions, while others may come to regret their purchase. There are a number of things that should be considered when viewing a potential property. In this guide, we’ll provide some insight to a few of those things!

Check For Dampness

Always inspect the property for signs of dampness. These signs may include things such as watermarked spots on the ceiling, dampness in the walls, as well as flaky plaster or moldy smells. A close inspection of the floorboards and areas near the ceiling will help.

Check The Building Structure

The foundation of the property should be strong and sound. Check for any cracks around the structure, especially around entryways and windows and any extensions of the house.

Check The Storage Space

Storage Space

Make note of the amount of storage space available on the property for things such as miscellaneous boxes, spare linen and towels, cleaning supplies and home appliances. Don’t overlook how much storage a place may have, sometimes new properties will have a lack of storage space. You’ll also want to make note of spacing for shelves or storage pieces if the storage space is not large enough for your needs.

Check The Direction Of The Property

Use a compass to check which direction the property is facing. This will affect the amount of sunlight that the house will receive during different seasons and throughout the day.

Check The Room Sizes

Measure the different rooms of the property to make sure that the space will fit your needs. Decorating a room with the correct pieces of furniture and decor can may make a small room look larger, but it’s always important to take the exact room size into account.

Often, home staging may be misleading by making the rooms and areas seem appealing with luxurious furniture, lights, decor, and smells.

Check The Roof

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Knowing the approximate age of the roof and when any replacements or repairs were completed will help your purchase decision. The life expectancy of roofing will be dependant on the materials used, and often repairs for things such as roofs can be quite expensive.

Check The Location and Neighborhood

There are a lot of things that may be overlooked if a good deal comes up. You may find a suitable property that meets your budget but you shouldn’t compromise on factors such as the property locations and nearby amenities. Having your future home in a safe area where you can easily access things like transit, medical services, schools, and grocery shops is important.

These are a few things that you should consider when looking at potential properties for purchase. You can make this process easier by also hiring an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agency to help you.


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Property inspection is not a small and easy task. You should be careful while viewing a property and ensure that you keep an eye out for things that may affect your future quality of life around the area. Consider factors such as signs of dampness or structural damage, age of the materials, storage space and room size, as well as the location, neighborhood, and nearby essential services around the property.





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